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Here at Streamhappy, we love to be entertained. The newest musical releases - we don't discriminate.

What we love even more: being able to access our favorite content whenever we want to, wherever we are. That's why we created Streamhappy: to cater to everyone's entertainment needs, wherever they happen to be, on-demand. With one of the biggest digital content libraries on the internet, we provide more entertainment in one place than any other site.

Jam out to classic hits, watch movies, read your favorite books and play games. We've got you covered. We're your number one subscription service for all things media, all under one roof.

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Streamhappy is the location for numerous movies, games, music and e-books, that you can access anytime you desire with your Streamhappy membership to our multimedia website. All Streamhappy content offered is licensed for distribution and use and is legal. Read more about these aspects of the site on our Terms & Conditions

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We are real media fans, that’s why we’ve created this amazing service and want to share the amazing movies, music albums, books and games with all our subscribers! You will never be bored with our collection of media!

You will find the best movies from comedy to horror, incredible songs from rock to techno, interesting books from classic to new and the newest games from actions to puzzles! 

Join us and we will prove it! With all questions, proposals and comments contact our support team, they will be happy to help you!

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